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Pursuing Your Passion

Many find the idea of trying to determine whether or not they are called to ministry to be extremely difficult. Exploring our passions, taking aim to implement those passions into ministry, and impacting the lives of those we serve is a noble calling let alone a directive from our Lord. Pursuing Your Passions was created with a desire to encourage, direct, and inspire you to reach your full potential in ministry. Though intended to be an exercise in self-discovery, the coursework may involve the influence of others as you discern your call to ministry. Now relax, for God is about to create something new just for you.

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Training in Ministry

Many qualified persons have refrained from entering the ministry because they weren't certain how to pursue their passions, who to speak with concerning them, or where to begin their ministry. This coursework is designed to investigate and validate your call to ministry in the unique and personal calling of Christ through His Spirit. The invitation is for you to develop a deeper and more vital Christian perspective to understand the essential connection and expectations for yourself and others that align with God's call on your life and ministry. In many cases the exploration of ministry online is offered for free. Why not investigate what God has in store for you?

Interim Ministry

Interim Ministry which occurs between installed pastorates will want to be deeply concerned with maintaining the life and ministry of a congregation, while at the same time preparing the congregation for its next settled pastor. In helping a church to move successfully through this period of transition from one called pastor to the next, this form of interim ministry will focus on the past, present, and future concerns of the congregation in such a way that the people of God are hopefully ready and willing to make a fresh, new start with its next installed minister.

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