Footprints Ministry- An Introduction


Footprints Ministry is a movement that suggests we need to change our thinking about the Kingdom of God and being on mission with Christ.  We need to move from a mindset of something additional in our life that has to be added, to one of intentionality to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with authenticity and integrity with groups (pockets) of persons with similar interests, building relationships, and sharing of faith in an environment of trust and love for one another.  Footprints Ministry is not a set of activities or classes we need to take, but rather a product of what we are already doing only enhanced to glorify God.  It meets us in our rhythm of life and compels us to dance with God.  It challenges us to walk along side of others and carry them if need be as they become follows of Christ.

Footprints Ministry opens up a powerful gift of six rhythms that you may have been using in community with others and now view them with intentionality.  The six rhythms include:  knowing the story and placing our story in His story; listening backwards through the Word of God and forward through the Holy Spirit; celebrating our talents and gifts; eating and partaking in the nourishment not only of physical need but spiritual fellowship as well; blessing intentionally through either words, actions, or gifts; and lastly the rhythm of recreating beauty, work, value, and rest.  The bottom line of Footprints Ministry is love and service in rhythm.

Footprints Ministry exists to equip people with the patterns, practices, and promises of Jesus.  The implementation for a community or hub is a simple four step process determined by the people.  The first step is to Gather or to meet.  These times are to be relational in nature bringing an up-close-and-personal engagement.  The second step is Invest or to enjoy fellowship with one another seeking similar interests or hobbies.  The group collaborates to partner with one another to serve the greater cause of building the relationships with each person and God.  The third step is to Volunteer or to serve the Kingdom with intentionality for a lasting ministry impact.  The emphasis is to engage the community to witness the presence of the Kingdom through the lives of the people in the group.  The last step is Express or to worship by pointing people toward Christ.  This is a time of celebration bringing glory to God, inspiring people to action, and inviting sincere spiritual commitments.  Footprints Ministry is continually bathed in prayer asking God to move in a powerful way to transform lives and then compel them to duplicate the process in another group.  A careful examination of the steps reveal our mission:   GIVE.

The creation of Footprints Ministry is an illustration of God's love for His people to be in relationship and multiplying more followers of Christ to be inclusive of His design of redemption.  So borrowing from a popular advertisement, we ask the question, "Got Jesus?"

To learn more about Footprints Ministry or for answers to your questions regarding the movement, online studies, consulting services please contact Pastor Larry Day at revleday@gmail.com.